ENIDAN Technologies GmbH was founded in 2004, first and foremost to develop and market the Spamchek Managed Email Security service. Since then, ENIDAN has diversified into a number of different services. We invite you to visit each of our services individually:

ENIDAN Technologies GmbH is also an X.509 Certificate Authority. If you are an ENIDAN customer, we suggest you install our Root Certificate.

"spamchek", "cloudsuisse" and "hostsuisse" are registered EU trademarks.

We maintain a blog at blog.enidan.com. It is not overly active, but occasionally we try to give some insight to what we do where.

Contact information:

ENIDAN Technologies GmbH Bergstrasse 170 CH-8704 Herrliberg Switzerland +41 (0) 44 914 42 00 info@enidan.com

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